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Introducing the Crossroads, a compelling addition to the Streamline HiFi stereo console collection, embodying a perfect balance of form and function. This small yet powerful design is crafted to evoke a sense of wonder, prompting you to step back and scan your surroundings, half-expecting the beautiful sound emanating from the Crossroads to be originating elsewhere. However, the reality is that this unassuming marvel is the sole source of the captivating auditory experience.

This design concept draws inspiration from the ethos of the space race era, paying homage to an age marked by bold design choices and architectural innovation. Just like its counterparts, the Crossroads encapsulates the spirit of exploration and advancement, offering a contemporary reinterpretation of those transformative times.

Upon opening the compact lid, you'll discover a masterfully integrated ensemble featuring a high-end turntable and a comfortable streamlined control panel. The custom-designed Streamline HiFi hybrid tube amplifier housed within the custom frame produces a sound that defies its size. The Class A tubes provide warmth and detail, while the inclusion of a Class D amplifier ensures the necessary power and bass for a modern auditory experience.

Within the cabinet, the Crossroad is equipped with two Beyma six-inch drivers handling mid and low frequencies, complemented by two Italian Ciare tweeters for crisp reproduction of high-end tones. The tuned and ported speaker enclosures enhance the overall sonic profile, delivering an immersive audiophile experience tailored to the Crossroad's unique design.

Adding to its contemporary appeal, the cabinet incorporates a Sonos Port or WiiM Pro, allowing you to seamlessly enjoy your preferred streaming services of your choice. This small but potent design is tailored for individuals who demand quality and amazing sound within a sleek, compact package. The Crossroad stands as a testament to the fusion of innovation, functionality, and a commitment to delivering an exceptional auditory experience in a remarkably small form factor.


Starting at $8,000

Hardwood Species Options

Streamline Home Shoot 2023-135.jpg

English Walnut

Streamline Home Shoot 2023-93.jpeg

White Oak

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