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Check out a few places we've been featured.

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Tahoe Quarterly

"It’s a Tuesday morning and Truckee resident Steve Morris is sitting inside his woodshop, softly nodding his head.

Two Against Nature, Steely Dan’s Grammy Award-winning album, is pumping through nearby stereo speakers, reverberating the small room with snappy drumbeats and funky guitar licks."

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"For many of us, our first exposure to hi-fi was via our parents’ music systems, more often than not one of those big consoles that had a tuner, turntable, speakers and maybe even a TV and space for record and other storage. They were the centerpiece of the living room or family room. However, as the trend towards smaller audio products prevailed among the general public, and to the component-based systems seen in most audiophile installations, the large-console audio furniture fell out of favor."

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