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Introducing the Mojo, a masterpiece within the Streamline HiFi stereo console lineup. Meticulously handcrafted, the Mojo boasts a striking design that accentuates the exquisite grain of sustainable California-grown English walnut or sustainable East Coast white oak.


Upon lifting the lid, you'll discover a seamless integration of high-end features. A sophisticated turntable, thoughtfully designed record storage, and an accompanying whiskey decanter and glasses create a visually appealing and functional centerpiece. The modern control panel complements the custom-designed Streamline HiFi hybrid tube amplifier, which emits a rich, warm sound characterized by depth and detail, thanks to its Class A tube section.

To complement the warmth and detail provided by the tubes, Streamline has ingeniously incorporated a Class D amplifier, delivering the necessary power and bass for a contemporary sound experience. Within the cabinet, two Italian Ciare twelve-inch drivers handle mid and low frequencies, while two Beyma tweeters crisply render high-end frequencies. The tuned and ported speaker enclosures are meticulously crafted to ensure an unparalleled audiophile experience tailored specifically for the Mojo.


Adding a touch of modern versatility, the cabinet is equipped with a Sonos Port or WiiM Pro. This feature allows you to seamlessly enjoy your favorite streaming services, such as Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube and more.  A standout feature of the Sonos Port or WiiM is its ability to extend the music experience throughout your home using speakers in different locations—imagine relishing your favorite vinyl album on the Streamline console while its melodies fill other parts of your living space. The Mojo is not just a stereo console; it's a symphony of craftsmanship, innovation, and audio excellence, delivering a true and pure audiophile experience for connoisseurs of sound.


Starting at $18,000

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Hardwood Species Options

Streamline Home Shoot 2023-40.jpg

White Oak

Streamline Home Shoot 2023-3.jpg

English Walnut

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